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Month: April 2015


The homebirth controversy: Informed consent and a child’s right

According to Homebirth Australia, the latest Australian data shows homebirth rates have increased by 56% in one year; there were 863 homebirths in 2009 and 1345 in 2010. Following this, there have been inquests around the country looking at homebirth deaths in recent years. We had the opportunity to hear from Ann Catchlove* on informed…

14 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

Expert speakers ‘turnout’ for RISSB workshop in May

It is necessary to maintain a rail asset in great condition to obtain the longest life cycle possible. Yet without a sound understanding of the Turnout and the issues or areas of concern, Turnouts often do not receive early attention and can degrade quickly and lead to significant problems like derailment. Focusing on the up-skilling…

13 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights

Mining & Resources

Challenges and opportunities of nickel mining in the Philippines

The Philippines have one of the world’s largest nickel reserves and last year the nickel production totalled to over 330,000 metric tonnes, and for the next few years the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines sees the country producing 25 million metric tonnes of nickel direct shipping ore annually. One such operating nickel miner is…

8 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights


The battle for betterment: Is STEM really taking over the arts?

In an age defined by technology and shaped by global competition, it’s true that we need more children and teenagers gaining an interest in STEM fields (for those who may not know, STEM subjects are science, technology, engineering, and maths). However, this idea has come under fire recently, as a well-known Washington Post columnist has…

8 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

The Track Insider: Rolling stock – what happens when it doesn’t fit?

Many of us would have been somewhat amused when we read[1] in May last year that the French railways had ordered trains which were too wide to fit within the dimensions of many of their older platforms. It seems that SNCF, the national rail operator, procured the rolling stock based on their own specifications and…

7 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights

Defence & Security


The scope for change: What went on at the 3rd Annual Police Technology Forum

The Police Technology Forum took place on the 17-18 March, and it welcomed some of the industry’s most influential players in the area of law enforcement innovation. Some of the key topics included biometrics and identity security, crime prevention and design, privacy and surveillance and more. Below is a breakdown of some of the key…

1 Apr 2015, by Informa Insights