Month: November 2012

Acute Healthcare

Acute care and the uncomfortable detour on the dementia pathway

We had the opportunity to pick the brains of Dr Mark Yates, Geriatrician, Director of Clinical Studies Ballarat Clinical School, Deakin University; Associate Professor, Medicine, Deakin University prior to the upcoming 4th Annual National Dementia Congress in Melbourne in February 2013. What do you see as the main challenges and opportunities of dementia being designated…

29 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia


Managing the sports business

We are honoured to have the opportunity to pick Dan Migala's (Publisher of The Migala Report & Partner of PCG) brains before the upcoming Sports Business Summit 2012 conference happening on the 10th December in Sydney. What advice would you give to teams trying to generate more sponsorship revenue in a tight market? How can…

23 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia

Maritime and Transport


Counting down to AusRAIL 2012

My, how fast time has flown! Where did the year go? Oh yes, planning the biggest non-PLUS AusRAIL year yet. It is real and it is happening in less than a week and AusRAIL HQ is busy and frantic, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the smooth cool front that the team have…

21 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia

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Maritime and Transport


Mining & Resources

Planning & Design

3D Printing: A threat to traditional manufacturing or not?

It’s been hailed as Australia’s chance to revive the manufacturing industry. Its growth and potential to expand has gotten our curiosity piqued. Call it what you like; additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping or advanced manufacturing, 3D printing handles materials like plastic, wax, polymers and metallics, and is used across industries for aircraft development, building design, organ…

6 Nov 2012, by Informa Australia