Month: November 2010


Disappointing year for Roche but restructuring will help maintain strong fiscal position

Melbourne, 18th November 2010 - John Bird, pharmaceutical company analyst at Datamontior, comments on Roche’s plans to cut 6 percent of its global workforce, or 4800 jobs, over the next two years as part of efforts to make annual cost savings of $2.4 billion: “Many Big Pharma companies have restructured in recent times due to…

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Market development key for testosterone replacement therapy

Melbourne, 17th November 2010 - Despite growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 24% over the last five years, the testosterone replacement therapy market is severely underdeveloped. This suggests there are great opportunities for pharmaceutical companies in this field, claims independent market analyst, Datamonitor*. The testosterone replacement therapy market, valued at $838m…

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Can Pfizer rescue hormonal replacement therapy?

Melbourne, 17th November 2010 - In a market still plagued with safety concerns, Pfizer has an opportunity to restore market growth for hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) with its new combination product, Aprela. To do this it must rebuild public and general practitioner confidence in the therapy area, says independent market analyst, Datamonitor*. The value of…

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A question of culture as well as structure

IGNORING the entrenched prejudices of further and higher education can lead to divorce. IN 2004, Thames Valley University, a former English polytechnic based in west London, merged with Reading College, a further education institution (or TAFE). The merger was historic, creating England's first dual-sector university. The talk was about providing seamless transition from further to…

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