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Course Outline

  Overview and introduction Download Course Brochure

Design influences

  • Traffic demands
  • Vehicle properties
  • Train resistance
  • Grade and curve resistances
  • Locomotive tractive effort
  • Coupler force limitations
  • Stopping distance

Track location

  • Desired features
  • Controls
  • Studies and surveys
  • Data collection and management
  • Economic analysis of alternatives
  • Design documents

Track engineering

  • Track cross-section and components
    o Rail and rail joints
    o Restraining guard rails and flangeways
    o Rail fasteners and anchors
    o Sleepers
    o Ballast and subballast
    o Ballastless track systems
    o Subgrade
  • Track geometry
    o Wheel-rail interface
    o Gage
    o Surface parameters
    o Alignment

Loads and allowable stresses

  • General load characteristics
  • Freight railways
  • Passenger and transit railways

Behaviour of conventional ballasted track

  • Analytical framework
  • Track stiffness
  • Rail mechanics
  • Effect of rail joints
  • Stress dispersion with depth
  • Contribution of track substructure
  • Dynamic effects
  • Thermal loads in welded rail track
  Overview of ballastless track systems

Component selection and analysis

  • Rail
  • Sleepers/fasteners
  • Ballast/subballast
  • Subgrade



Basic geometric design

  • Horizontal alignment
    o Circular curves
    o The spiral curve
    o Superelevation
  • Vertical alignment
  • Grades
  • Vertical (profile) curves
  • Limits on curves and grades
  • Alignment coordination (blending)

Advanced geometric design    

  • Turnouts and track crossings
    o Components, various options
    o Critical dimensions
    o Classification standards
    o Applicability of different designs
  • Clearances and track spacing
  • Providing track capacity
  • Track junctions
  • Yard and terminal layout
    o Types of facilities
    o General configuration and layout
    o Capacity and operational considerations
  Rail-highway grade (level) crossings


  • Surface water runoff
    o Culverts
    o Ditches
    o Storm sewers
    o Detention/retention facilities
    o Bridges
  • Groundwater control

Track carrying structures-overview      

Review and wrap up    

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