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Social Policy

Close-Up: Kerryn Boland

Ms. Kerryn Boland is the NSW Children’s Guardian and A/NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People. The Children’s Guardian is an independent statutory authority.  Its regulatory functions relate to out‑of‑home care, voluntary out-of-home care and adoption services. It also regulates the employment of children under 15 years of age in the areas of entertainment, exhibition,…

5 May 2014, by Informa Insights

Social Policy

Realising the potential of restorative justice – Billy’s story

Throughout its decade-long working history in Victoria’s Youth Justice Group Conferencing space, Jesuit Social Services has facilitated hundreds of improved outcomes for young offenders and their victims. For Glen McClure, the organisation’s Youth Justice Group Conferencing Coordinator, few stories have resonated as deeply as that of Billy (not his real name). By the age of…

22 Apr 2014, by Informa Insights

Social Policy

Close-up: Professor Peter Saunders

Emergency situations are traumatic to anyone who experiences them. However, it is the most vulnerable members of society that are affected the most. According to studies by Professor Peter Saunders, Research Chair at the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre, 14% of Australians are unable to raise $2000 within a week in a case of emergency. …

24 Jan 2014, by Informa Insights


Workforce development biggest challenge for NDIS roll-out

The roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been announced as the greatest change to Australian social policy in a generation. The move to consumer-directed model of care will inevitably bring about major and changes and challenges for service providers. Dr Brendan Goodger, Policy and Research Manager at the Community Service & Health…

20 Jan 2014, by Informa Insights