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RailCorp split sparks debate amongst industry professionals

The start of this month marked the official split of RailCorp into Sydney Trains and NSW Trains. Sydney Trains will be led by a new chief executive. Howard Collins has until recently been at the helm of the London Underground and has led similar changes on London’s Metropolitan Line. Behind the scenes, the creation of…

19 Jul 2013, by Test1 Test1

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Q&A: Asset rationalisation and maintenance in turnouts

Toby Horstead, Senior Asset Planning Coordinator, RailCorp joins us to discuss the challenge of determining the asset life of turnouts. Turnouts require “much greater maintenance attention” than plain track and as someone who still believes that “nothing beats being on track”, Toby gives us a preview of the asset simplification at Ashfield Junction. You have…

12 Oct 2012, by Test1 Test1

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Focus on rail work site safety

[youtube=http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=_fO7jQWRReg] CAROLYN WALSH, Chief Executive of the NSW Government's Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator While problems with rail safety in NSW have declined over the last decade, more needs to be done in areas such as worksite protection, says a NSW Government transport safety executive. Carolyn Walsh, Chief Executive of the NSW Government’s Independent…

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