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Cyber security train control – lessons learned

From station, to track-side, to train, the internet of things (IoT) revolution is fast gaining momentum within rail. Applications such as smart ticketing, predictive maintenance, and real-time visibility are enabling a host of benefits, including improved passenger mobility, increased ridership and significantly reduced operational expenditure. However, with all the excitement that connected infrastructure brings to…

4 Sep 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

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Harmonising the rail industry’s digital future – the Smart Rail Initiative

The internet of things (IoT) – the concept of adding intelligence and direct communication between machines to improve their efficiency - is set to cause mass, cross-industry disruption. The number of IoT devices grew 31 percent year-on-year in 2017; and by 2020, the global market value is projected to be $7.1 trillion. But while the…

15 Aug 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

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Mixed signals: SPAD-risk management and mitigation from the Network Controller perspective

The term ‘SPAD’ (signal passed at danger) is often considered the ‘Voldemort’ of the rail industry. It represents one of the sector’s most ominous safety concerns, given the potential for high consequence accidents, loss of life, and severe reputational damage to the offending organisation. SPAD violations have been attributed to a number of “human” errors,…

13 Apr 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

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Better Outcomes through Collaboration in Rail Safety

Enhancing Safety through Collaboration is the central theme of the RISSB Rail Safety 2017 Conference, why is collaboration so important across the rail industry? "No one person or one organisation knows all the answers or is an expert on everything. By organisations working together around rail safety it brings many strengths and a great deal…

1 Mar 2017, by Niamh Horan

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Collaboration Key for Rail Safety Wins

Collaboration - the key to continued safety wins for the rail industry in Australia and the main focus of the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board annual Rail Safety Conference will take place in Brisbane on the 4th and 5th April 2017. We are excited to bring together a faculty of speakers from across the…

17 Feb 2017, by Niamh Horan

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RISSB’s top priorities for 2016

The countdown is on for RISSB's Rail Safety Conference which is taking place in Adelaide on the 4th and 5th April. In preparation for the event we spent a few moments with RISSB's CEO Paul Daly and gained some insight into RISSB's priorities, what he sees as the next generation of standards and what some…

23 Mar 2016, by Test1 Test1

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Taking the accountability for a shared responsibility on rail safety

Recently appointed chief executive officer of the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator Sue McCarrey gave an insightful presentation on her new role as the national regulator, the unique model on which the organisation is based on, and the ONRSR’s priorities and objectives. A shared responsibility Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR)…

2 Jun 2015, by Test1 Test1

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Risk management: A critical process for improving railway safety in the UK

SMS specialist Kevin Thompson of the Rail Safety and Standards Board UK was among the speakers at the RISSB Rail Safety 2015 Conference in Melbourne. The conference brought together key personalities in the industry who discussed the critical issues surrounding rail safety and why it remains everyone’s responsibility. Accountability for risk management How better to…

29 May 2015, by Test1 Test1

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Rail Safety initiatives in Victoria: Understanding our responsibilities in the safety cultural journey

At the Rail Safety 2015 Conference in Melbourne, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) CEO Mark Wild talked about the different challenges of his role as the head of PTV and the plans and strategies he has laid out to resolve these. He highlighted the vital elements behind safety culture improvements and how every member of the…

26 May 2015, by Test1 Test1

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Understanding the need for common safety methodology and its practical application on risk evaluation and assessment

Executive-level safety expert Andrew Petrie of Network Rail Consulting was among the speakers at the Rail Safety 2015 Conference at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne. Together with his colleague Kevin Thompson, they gave an extensive discussion on safety risk management from an international perspective. Network Rail and Network Rail Consulting Network Rail operates, maintains and develops…

22 May 2015, by Test1 Test1

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The Lac-Mégantic rail accident: When railway safety is taken for granted

Director of Investigations for the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada, Kirby Jang, was among the keynote speakers at RISSB’s 2015 Rail Safety Conference. Mr. Jang reviewed the catastrophic Lac-Mégantic rail accident and how his team at the TSB proceeded with their investigation on the incident. He detailed the factors leading up to the incident,…

18 May 2015, by Test1 Test1

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Yarra Trams’ safety journey: Why knowing one’s accountabilities is critical

At the RISSB 2015 Rail Safety Conference, Yarra Trams Chief Executive Officer Clément Michel shared some insights about his career as well as a detailed discussion on how a successful transformational safety journey for the tram industry can be achieved. The work that we don't want to do Shortly before assuming the Managing Director’s role…

15 May 2015, by Test1 Test1