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Is Australia your next best destination for clinical trials?

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading scientists, physicians and healthcare providers. With world-class research capabilities and a thriving biotech sector, the number of clinical trials being conducted in Australia is reportedly growing at around five percent per year, outpacing the United States and the United Kingdom[1]. While Phase III studies have historically…

14 Aug 2018, by Francesca Brewer


Status Quo or No? 2017 Completed Clinical Trials

A completed clinical trial landscape provides a more granular view of how companies are progressing their pipelines and the disease strategies they are pursuing, compared to static pipeline snapshots. Company pipeline depictions lack the underlying intelligence that illustrates just how a candidate progressed, or perhaps disappeared altogether from a disease pipeline. As part of our…

13 Jul 2018, by Francesca Brewer


What role does the NHMRC play in clinical trials in Australia?

As a preview to some of the issues that will be discussed in our upcoming 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Law, Reform & Regulation Conference, we spoke with Samantha Robertson, Executive Director, Evidence, Advice and Governance Branch, NHMRC to discuss the Good Practice Process for site assessment and authorisation of clinical trials. 1. Can you tell us…

27 Aug 2016, by Informa Insights


The Federal Election, Medicare & You

With the Federal Election being held tomorrow, the issue of Medicare and (by extension) Private Health Insurance has once again been thrown into the spotlight with both the Coalition and Labor promising to keep Medicare public and ensure that our system and ensure that our system is free from privatisation. We spoke to Dr Paul…

1 Jul 2016, by Informa Insights


Rare cancers: Measuring success in small doses

Rare cancers "is a term which encompasses both rare and less common cancers. A rare cancer is defined as a type of cancer that has less than 6 incidences per year per 100,000 population. A less common cancer is defined as one that has between 6 and 12 incidences per year per 100,000 population" (Cancer…

10 Feb 2015, by Informa Insights


Close-Up: David Gallagher

David Gallagher was appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Pfizer Australia in early 2013. He joined Pfizer Healthcare Ireland 12 years ago and led the business as Managing Director from May 2007 before taking on the role in Australia. David will be speaking at the 11th Annual Future of the PBS Summit on the 5th and…

25 Mar 2014, by Informa Insights


The Chinese hepatitis B market is set to triple by 2019

Melbourne, March15, 2011 – Fueled by the world’s largest hepatitis B patient pool, uptake of new therapies such as PEGylated interferons and Viread (tenofovir), and the government’s latest healthcare reforms, the Chinese hepatitis B market is set to continue its recent growth, and to triple in size by 2019, according to the latest analysis by…

15 Mar 2011, by Informa Insights


Will Australian Pharma ever be the same again?

Melbourne, 22nd February 2011 - The Australian pharmaceutical industry landscape is set to dramatically alter as a result of government changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), suggests independent market analyst, Datamonitor. Datamonitor’s outlook for the future includes withdrawn products, a struggling generics sector and wholesaler reorganization, as PBS reforms take effect. Erin Brady, Australian…

23 Feb 2011, by Informa Insights


Disappointing year for Roche but restructuring will help maintain strong fiscal position

Melbourne, 18th November 2010 - John Bird, pharmaceutical company analyst at Datamontior, comments on Roche’s plans to cut 6 percent of its global workforce, or 4800 jobs, over the next two years as part of efforts to make annual cost savings of $2.4 billion: “Many Big Pharma companies have restructured in recent times due to…

18 Nov 2010, by Informa Insights