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Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Bill Hewitt

Bill Hewitt is the Country Manager Indonesia for Pan Asia Corporation , a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Bill will be making the case for extended divestment periods to improve long term outcomes including community engagement and environmental management in his talk at the Kalimantan Coal conference. The conference will be held on…

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Close-Up: Paul Fulbrook

Assessing the risk of pressure injuries in intensive care, is the topic Paul Fulbrook will be addressing at the 2nd annual Reducing Avoidable Pressure Injuries Conference, held on the 16th and 17th September in Melbourne. Paul is Professor of Nursing at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Australian Catholic University (ACU).  He also holds the position of…

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Transport & Logistics

Close-Up: Stephen (Shamus) Walsh

We are pleased to welcome to the speaker faculty of Heavy Haul Rail 2013 Stephen (Shamus) Walsh*, General Manager of Hardface Technology’s. After graduating in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Cork City, Ireland, Shamus began his career working for Kentree Ltd. in Ireland, where he specialised in robotics and automation. In 1988 he…

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Close-Up: Angela Gifford

It was in 1980 that Angela Gifford decided to leave her UK banking career of 16 years and enter the world of caring for older people who wished to remain living in their own home rather than moving into an aged care facility. Having been brought up in a close family where caring for older…

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Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Lesley Campbell

Lesley Campbell worked for a number of ring-dealing members between 1980 and 2000. She advised multinational companies on risk management, including a major car manufacturer and one of the world’s largest copper mines. Since she set up her own consultancy, Lesley has advised the World Bank and the United Nations on commodity-related projects, as well…

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Transport & Logistics

Close-Up: Rachel Johnson

With 17 years executive management experience, Rachel Johnson has worked extensively within the freight industry building towards efficient and productive logistics solutions.  Ms Johnson was appointed the Deputy Director General of the Freight and Regional Development Transport for NSW in 2011, and we recently spoke to her about her major career achievements. Her experience and…

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