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Dr Aline Nassar & Healthcare Professionalism

In the lead-up our inaugural Improving the Patient Experience Conference we spoke with Dr Aline Nassar, Executive Healthcare Consultant and Former Director of Health Affairs of the UAE to discuss her work and what professionalism means in a healthcare setting.   Can you tell me about your current role as Executive Healthcare Consultant and your former role as…

13 Jan 2017, by Lisa Hedlund


Pathology: Front Desk or Back Office?

In the lead up to the 5th Annual National Pathology Conference, we had the chance to catch up with Ken Barr, Executive Director at SA Pathology, who shared with us his views on the role of pathology in Australian healthcare today, his NHS experience in the UK and the vision that he has for SA…

12 Aug 2014, by Test1 Test1


LinkedIn debate: Hospital discharge should start at admission

“The main challenges in discharge planning are likely to continue because of the increasingly ageing population and the stretched health dollar”, said Glenda Kerridge, Social Work Manager at the Australian Association of Social Workers in a recent interview with IIR Healthcare. We have asked members of our Healthcare Professionals group on LinkedIn what they consider…

2 Jul 2013, by Test1 Test1