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Addressing the challenges of managing the operating theatre

We are delighted to have Mike O’Brien, Chief of Surgery and Director of Urology, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne to present an address with his colleague Jock Lawrie at the 2017 Operating Theatre Management Conference. At Informa Insights,  We had a short interview with Mike prior to the event. INFORMA: In your role as Chief of…

21 Jun 2017, by Informa Insights


“This is our time” – Highlights of the 2014 Operating Theatre Management Conference

According to ABS and AIHW figures, there are over 3,000 operating theatres in Australian hospitals. Despite the many differences across the system and facilities, the 2014 Operating Theatre Management conference highlighted the importance of communication, working together and the realisation that, “we all have the same issues, problems and successes”. As Ross Mace, Nurse Unit…

11 Feb 2015, by Informa Insights


The impact of delegation and supervision on improving patient safety

Sally Sutherland-Fraser, Education Consultant and Founding Partner, Health Education and Learning Partnerships spoke at the 6th Annual Operating Theatre Management Conference last month. Sally and her colleague Menna Davies, Perioperative Education Consultant and Co-founder of Health Education & Learning Partnerships,  bring together considerable educational experience and clinical nursing expertise to provide consultancy services for the healthcare industry.…

15 Sep 2014, by Informa Insights


Program launch: Operating Theatre Management Conference

Key to the performance of operating theatres is meeting national safety and quality standards, effectively managing the workforce, improving safety procedures and maximising theatre efficiency. Whilst there have been developments around safety and efficiency there are still areas for improvement, which requires effective operating room management through collaboration and collective responsibility. With this in mind,…

17 Jun 2014, by Informa Insights


Leadership & training essential for staff satisfaction in the operating theatre

The healthcare sector is facing unique challenges when it comes to increasing staff satisfaction, training, recruitment and retention. We had the chance to speak to some of the presenters from our 5th Annual Operating Theatre Management conference about their key challenges and strategies for staff management in the operating theatre. Jodie Hulm, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Theatre,…

22 Jul 2013, by Informa Insights


Effective operating theatre management

Implementing and managing improvement strategies in the perioperative setting is crucial to meeting safety and quality standards. Management of operating rooms requires the coordination of human and material resources to maximise efficiency, cost effectiveness, and patient safety. Collaboration and collective responsibility are key elements to effective OR management. Understanding your workforce and the theatre workplace…

15 Jul 2013, by Informa Insights