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Transport & Logistics

NSW government selects North West Rail Link preferred operator

The Northwest Rapid Transit consortium has been officially chosen as the preferred operator of the North West Rail Link - currently Australia's largest ongoing public transport infrastructure project. The announcement was made by the New South Wales government on June 24, following a comprehensive review process in which two consortiums competed for the sought-after contract. The Northwest Rapid…

2 Jul 2014, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

Presentations: Transport infrastructure driving productivity in NSW

Since the release of the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan in December 2012, there has been a wide range of responses from community and industry sectors on some of its major projects. NSW has the strongest economy in Australia, but it also has some issues within the transport sector that may be seen to…

5 Sep 2013, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

NSW budget 2013 a turning point for rail

By Peter Koning - Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in New South Wales It's Budget time again and for a short period, our newspapers are full of stories of new dawns or broken promises.   Commentators from all sides of the political spectrum have taken turns to praise or dismiss the myriad…

26 Jun 2013, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

The Impact of Australia’s Carbon Pricing on Transport

By Kym Lennox, Principal Consultant, The Tipping Point Institute* Australia has finally defined its starting point as a 21st century economy. The competitive dge to provide an improved quality of life is now directly linked to the efficiency of resource use. The metric to measure this efficiency across industry, between companies and countries is carbon.…

1 Aug 2011, by Informa Insights

Defence & Security

Attorney-General to speak at Counter Terrorism Summit

Attorney-General Robert McClelland will be a keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Counter Terrorism Summit in Melbourne on 28-29 October. Mr McClelland will speak on the Federal Government’s national security agenda and counter terrorism laws. The conference will cover a range of issues from a global risk assessment to emergency management, and feature international and…

13 Oct 2008, by Informa Insights