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When funding is withdrawn | An NDIS case study

In 2013, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began its mission to optimize social and economic independence and full participation for people living with disability in Australia. The scheme promised to give people with disability control and choice; to be a financial sustainable system that the community could take pride and confidence in, with its…

16 May 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


Using NDIS funding to create a big life

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) entitles 20,000 people living with disability in Australia to a portion of more than $1 billion funding. Applications are subject to a complex and strict review process, but can entitle people with significant, permanent disability to generous (often five figure) sums. This funding helps them get the appropriate inventions…

18 Apr 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


Eliminating Barriers: Supporting the Employment of People with Disabilities through Accessible Communications

Eliminating Barriers: Supporting the Employment of People with Disabilities through Accessible Communications For engagement, enjoyment and employment, accessing information and being able to communicate is essential and very empowering. In today’s working environment, this translates to being able to access information on mainstream technology, including web content, and the various digital platforms and mobile devices.…

13 Jan 2016, by Informa Insights


Brain injury: Sharing the benefits of consumer representation

Don't tell this to the 700,000 Australians living with brain injury, but brain injury is sometimes referred to as an invisible injury.  Although it's needs are not as obvious as a broken arm or cut, Brain Injury Australia's Nick Rushworth joins us to discuss the "overwhelming need for accurate and user-friendly information" about the services…

28 Jul 2015, by Informa Insights


People with Cognitive Impairments and the NDIS

As a strong advocate for human rights, Dr John Chesterman, Manager of Policy and Education at the Office of the Public Advocate in Victoria, talked about “Transforming Disability Service Delivery to Optimise the Social and Economic Participation of People with Disabilities” at this year’s National Disability Summit. In his presentation, he explained the role of…

21 Jul 2015, by Informa Insights


Getting the NDIS design right for people with a psychosocial disability

There are a huge number of national reforms affecting the mental health sector at the moment and Frank Quinlan, CEO of Mental Health Australia, joins us to discuss these and highlights the need to ensure that people aren’t left “falling through the cracks”. Within these reforms, the NDIS provides a historic opportunity to deliver services…

17 Mar 2015, by Informa Insights


Mental health and the NDIS

We’d like to thank the speakers, attendees and supporting organisations who contributed to the success of the 2nd Annual Integrating Mental Health into the NDIS Conference in November 2014. A range of high-calibre speakers, 28 in total including the NDIA, DSS and other government agencies brought exposure to the NDIS, and consumers and community mental…

22 Jan 2015, by Informa Insights


Enabling ‘choice and control’ for the disabled

With the NDIS now expanding from its initial trial sites to further sites in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT, Disability Reform is an extremely high-profile issue nationally. This document interestingly shows NDIS implementation across Australia and the plans for rolling this out across different states and within different demographics. Joining us to…

20 Jan 2015, by Informa Insights


NDIS: Is the vision being realised?

Disability reform remains a very high profile topic nationally, with the Australian government having negotiated, designed and prepared a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which started to roll out in July 2013 at launch sites in ACT, SA Tasmania, Hunter region (NSW) and Barwon region (VIC). 12 months on and the scheme is moving into…

30 Nov 2014, by Informa Insights


Bridging the disability access gap

In the lead up to the 6th Annual National Disability Summit 2015, we had the chance to speak to Dr Scott Hillier, Manager, Major Projects & Western Australia Manager of Media Access Australia on the biggest challenge in supporting individuals with a disability within a workplace. Scott is a leading authority in the area of…

3 Nov 2014, by Informa Insights

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Which areas of welfare are in most need of reform?

Australia's welfare system is a complex framework of income support payments and supplements, which is aimed at helping the population in times of need. The Reference Group on Welfare Reform (RGWR) said the the Department of Social Service's cash transfer payments to individuals and families are the largest component of the nation's social support system,…

25 Aug 2014, by Informa Insights


Improved collaboration ‘vital for successful NDIS delivery’

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) requires improved collaboration across governments and services to succeed, new research has suggested. A study by the University of Sydney and the Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance (YPINH) said the complex health and disability needs of the Australian population will necessitate a whole-of-government approach. The NDIS is…

11 Aug 2014, by Informa Insights