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Staying ahead of developments in the Chinese coal industry

China’s wavering supply and demand trends have left Australian coal suppliers grappling with a moving production target in the years ahead. With this in mind we spoke with consulting firm CRU’s Head of Australia, Alex Tonks, ahead of the Australian Coal Conference - 16-17 August, Sydney to get some clarity on the very latest developments occurring…

2 Jul 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

Mining & Resources

South Australia: Tackling today’s challenges and mining tomorrow’s opportunities

Adelaide based Mark Osborne is Business Adviser for the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Program, known as EIP. In his role, Mark actively assists companies to better position themselves when targeting the resources industry in South Australia. Given his inside knowledge of the region’s mining and resource industry, we took the opportunity to ask Mark to share some…

15 Oct 2014, by test test


Mining & Resources

New round of funding announced for ARC Linkage Projects initiative

Both the mining industry and the healthcare sector are set to benefit from more than 200 collaborative new research projects funded by the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Linkage Projects initiative. The ARC Linkage Projects scheme is a government initiative designed to provide valuable funding to support innovative R&D projects across the country. Some of the ideas being funded…

1 Jul 2014, by test test