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Australian middle management ‘feeling neglected’

Australia's middle managers feel neglected and lack the leadership skills to perform their roles to the best of their abilities, according to new research. An Australian Institute of Management (AIM) survey, compiled in conjunction with Monash University, found that middle managers are "significantly underperforming" despite their important role in business hierarchies. Tony Gleeson, executive general…

25 Feb 2014, by Test1 Test1

Leadership & Communication

Don’t allow staff to shirk work, managers advised

Shirking work doesn't just affect productivity, it can create serious problems for workplace morale and employee engagement. These are the findings of a new American Management Association (AMA) Enterprise survey addressing businesses that fail to tackle a 'pass the buck' culture. Of the 500 organisations that took part, 69 per cent confirmed that avoiding responsibilities…

5 Dec 2013, by Test1 Test1