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The global push to improve rail safety | Interview with Carolyn Griffiths, RAIB

Investigating a derailment is a complex, multi-faceted task. No one knows that better than Carolyn Griffiths, who is Chief Inspector with the Rail Accident and Investigation Branch (RAIB) in the United Kingdom. Carolyn is a Fellow and elected trustee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers and a trustee…

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Transport & Logistics

“A lesson shared is a lesson learned” | Laurie Wilson, RISSB

Laurie Wilson has over 30 years’ rail industry experience, covering a broad range of the industry from construction and maintenance, to educational design development and facilitation. He also has expertise in safe-working standards development, project and innovations management as well as Rail Safety investigations and coordination. Laurie is currently Manager, Rail Industry Safety Standards Board…

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