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Occupational Health & Safety

What does the new global OHS standard mean for your organisation?

March 2018 saw the release of a new global standard of organizational health and safety (OH&S). The ISO 450001 is the first of its kind and will eventually replace the AS/NZS 4801:2001, over the course of the next three years. What does this mean for your organisation? Ahead of the Safety in Action Conference -…

8 Aug 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

Social Policy


Can sentencing be enhanced with artificial intelligence?

Since the 17th century, judicial decisions have been handed down by human beings, for want of a better alternative. But oddly the arrival of a better alternative –artificial intelligence (AI) - has been met with doubt, concern and, in some cases, resistance. “There’s something distinctly uncomfortable and counter intuitive about letting a robot decide the…

29 May 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


Key considerations for a successful move to a 7 day health service

Introducing a whole-of-system 7 day health service can have immense benefits for public and private hospitals, social care and support services, as well as other healthcare organisations. If implemented thoroughly it can improve patient care, safety, and general organisational outcomes. We have spoken to Brendan Murray, Special Counsel at Minter Ellison about key legal and…

16 Sep 2013, by Test1 Test1