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Meeting the rising energy demand in South East Asia

As the lone provider of power using sub-bituminous low sulfur coal for Mindanao, STEAG State Power Inc.'s (SPI) power plant accounts for about 18% of the island's electricity demand.  As energy demand in South East Asia is expected to increase by as much as 80% in the future, the Mindanao electricity mix will see the rise…

25 Jun 2014, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

The future of Indonesian coal: Q&A with Ben Lawson

Earlier this year, Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises Ministry issued a regulation that requires all mining companies to dig deeper to explore the possibility of new mineral resources.  The director of the new mineral education program, Paul Lubis said Indonesia had estimated coal reserves of 130 billion metric tons, or enough to last for the next 100…

21 May 2014, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Kalimantan Coal: The Second Phase

Indonesia has progressed in the past 12 years from exporting a paltry 20m tonnes of coal in 2000, to become the world largest exporter of Coal. Australia was until 2012 1st and China 2nd. Indonesian coal has become more attractive to international buyers as the price is much lower than Australian coal, and the costs…

10 Apr 2013, by Test1 Test1