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Smartphones and tablets will aid consumerisation of healthcare in 2011

Melbourne, 6th December 2010. Consumer-driven healthcare will gather momentum in 2011 as the public takes more responsibility for its own health, with technology playing a key role, according to Ovum. In a new report* the independent technology analyst states that devices such as smartphones and tablet computers will help to drive the consumerisation of healthcare…

6 Dec 2010, by Test Test


information technology in higher education

We attended Higher Education IT in October last year and manage to ask a few speakers some questions! First up, Geoffrey Bowers, Director of Daemon Internet Consultants. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp3S9nV39gw] Mr Bowers talks to us about the creation of UNSW TV and the training process that caters for people of different technological experience. Secondly, we had the…

9 Apr 2010, by Test Test