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Industry experts deem Nickel Pig Iron innovations the most pressing issue for 2014

The global nickel market is currently facing a number of challenges and uncertainties. In the last edition of International Mining & Metals (IMM) Insights we asked our readers what they consider the most pressing issue the industry is facing in 2014. With 56% of the votes, Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) innovations clearly dominate the field.…

29 Oct 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Competitive advantage for Indonesian coal industry

While Indonesian coal has become more attractive to international buyers due to its comparatively low price, recent regulatory changes that limit foreign mine ownership to 49% have led to some uncertainty in the industry. We had the chance to speak to Ben Lawson, Chief Development Officer, PT Apple Coal about the Indonesian coal market, anticipated…

26 Jul 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Bill Hewitt

Bill Hewitt is the Country Manager Indonesia for Pan Asia Corporation , a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Bill will be making the case for extended divestment periods to improve long term outcomes including community engagement and environmental management in his talk at the Kalimantan Coal conference. The conference will be held on…

23 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1