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The new Iron Age

By Francis Browne, Editorial Director – Price Group, Platts. Francis will be presenting at the Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast conference, to be held on the 11th and 12th March 2014 in Perth. The last decade has witnessed a change in fortunes for steel makers and miners, the communities they serve and that serve them. Iron ore…

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Poll: Will the proposal to increase the FDI limit in India’s media sector further collaboration between Australia and Asia?

The Indian Government are formulating a proposal which could transform the media industry. A proposal to lift foreign direct investment (FDI) in the sector to 100% on a case by case basis could help the struggling industry and provoke a great deal of change to the media landscape both in Asia and Australia. In your…

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Mining & Resources

Iron ore market: Too much emphasis on short-term considerations in long-term forecasts

The current price for iron ore of $156.27 a tonne is the best since October 2011. We had the chance to speak to Magnus Ericsson, Chairman at Raw Materials Group about long-term iron ore market trends and foreign investments in mining projects. IMM Events: At the 2012 Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast conference you…

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Mining & Resources

“Strong future” for Australian uranium industry

Australia's uranium industry is set for a strong future, federal resources and energy minister Gary Gray has claimed. Speaking at the Australian Uranium and Rare Earths Conference in Fremantle on Wednesday (July 17), the politician argued that the country is excellently placed to take advantage of a boost in market conditions for the commodity. "Australia…

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