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Mineral sands: Where to from here?

“We meet in a very eventful time” was Reg Adams’ of Artikol’s opening remark, when he kicked off the presentations for the 15th Anniversary Mineral Sands Conference in Melbourne this March, and what an eventful few days, it was. Adams, now a regular international speaker at the conference, brings a wealth of Global Ti02 market industry…

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How to make the transition from miner to industry consultant: Q&A with Richard Stockwell

Richard Stockwell is the Managing Director of Hornet Drilling and Geological Services, a professional consultancy with a specialist drilling capability. He is a Geologist with 18 years of experience in base metals, gold and most significantly in mineral sands. Geology has been a lifelong passion of Richard’s having grown up in a region of very complex…

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Close-up: Dr Victor Hugo, Iluka Resources

Dr Victor Hugo, General Manager – Exploration and Geology at Iluka Resources, will be speaking at the 15th Anniversary Mineral Sands Conference held next week on the 24-25 March in Melbourne. Dr Hugo joined Iluka 17 years ago within the Business Development Team, before taking on the role of Technical Marketing Manager the following year…

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Iluka Resources: Responding to mineral sands market demands

Iluka Resources is a major global producer of zircon and the world's largest producer of the high-grade titanium dioxide products of rutile and synthetic rutile. In the lead-up to the 2014 AJM Mineral Sands conference, we had the chance to speak to Iluka's Manager Eastern Operations, Dan McGrath, about the outlook for the industry and the…

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Close-up: Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper, CEO of the Port Of Portland will discuss the port supply chain and the importance of providing flexibility in a changing mineral sands market at the Mineral Sands Conference, to be held on the 4– 5 March 2014 in Melbourne Port of Portland is one of Victoria's four commercial ports. The Port handles…

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