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Maritime and Transport


The next generation of railway level crossing safety technology

According to the RISSB National Stocktake, there are 23,500 locations where roads intersect railway lines around Australia. Risks are present at every level crossing with an average of 100 incidents causing 37 deaths every year. Rail Safety 2014 will look at leveraging technology for safer outcomes and as a preview, we are joined by Peter Hughes, Director,…

13 Feb 2014, by Informa Australia

Maritime and Transport


How technology, regulation and data is helping improve rail safety in the US

Although the US has seen a significant decline in train accidents over in the last decade, a number of recent deadly derailments have renewed discussions on the role of technology and regulation in mitigating against human error.  In 2008, Congress passed a law mandating that systems, known as positive train control, be installed by commuter…

21 Jan 2014, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

Human factors affecting safety in the mining sector

Mining remains one of Australia's most dangerous occupations, although deaths and serious injuries have shown a steady decline over the years. However, according to Safe Work Australia, the number of fatalities in mining has nearly doubled from five in 2012 to nine in the year to date at time of writing. While this is still…

8 Jan 2014, by Informa Australia