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The Scandinavian take on heavy haul rail

Thomas Nordmark, Rail Road Specialist at LKAB Business & Technology Development – Sweden talks about the similarities of railway operations in Sweden and Australia, and the challenges of increasing axle-load for freight rail in Scandinavia. Sweden and Australia represent, on the face of it, two very different operating environments – however there are undoubtedly common…

21 Aug 2014, by Informa Australia

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The push in demand for onboard connectivity

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices, people today are more connected than ever before. This means that public access to networks such as 4G and Wi-Fi is no longer luxury, but rather an expectation of a well-developed city. People are demanding these services in practically any public environment they step into, from libraries and…

21 May 2014, by Informa Australia

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Fast-train study begins

The Australasian Railway Association and Informa Australia organises the annual High Speed Rail Conference. *********************** THE Australasian Railway Association has begun a study of the economic benefits of high-speed rail for regional Australia. It follows the federal government's announcement it would proceed with the second phase of its investigation into the viability of a fast…

19 Dec 2011, by Informa Australia

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“The time has come for high speed rail in Australia,” says Bryan Nye, CEO of ARA

In the lead up to AusRAIL PLUS 2011, Bryan Nye, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), talks about the reality of high speed rail in Australia and the importance of the passengers as customers. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTCdyjRAzWw] 1. AusRAIL PLUS 2011 is just 5 months away and is shaping up to be the biggest AusRAIL PLUS…

14 Jul 2011, by Informa Australia