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Close-up: Stewart Hagan

Stewart Hagan has been involved in the industrial minerals industry for over 30  years. He  is the General Manager at mineral sands developer Oresome Australia. Stewart will deliver a presentation at the AJM Mineral Sands Conference, to be held on the 4th-5th March 2014 in Melbourne. He will give an update on the Cape York…

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Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Heloise Thiele

Heloise Thiele is Specialist Consultant with Mintek, a global leader in mineral and metallurgical innovation. The main focus of Heloise’s work is flowsheet development on a variety of mineral commodities. These include iron ores, chromite ores, heavy mineral sands, industrial minerals such as vermiculite, diamond ore characterisation, base metals and phosphate ores. Heloise will address…

21 Nov 2013, by test test

Mining & Resources

Close-up: Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper, CEO of the Port Of Portland will discuss the port supply chain and the importance of providing flexibility in a changing mineral sands market at the Mineral Sands Conference, to be held on the 4– 5 March 2014 in Melbourne Port of Portland is one of Victoria's four commercial ports. The Port handles…

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