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Dust explosions in Europe: A preview of new trends and legislation for improving safety

While the scientific properties and risks of dust explosions are global, Europe remains a leader in standardising regulations for industrial hazards. Given that Europe is also the manufacturing origin of many design parts used in Australasian processing facilities and storage plants, we were delighted to have Gerard van Laar, Senior Consulting Scientist at Inburex (Germany) join…

31 Aug 2016, by Test1 Test1

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Q&A with Neil Dennis: Dust – Not to be taken lightly

Dust may appear to be harmless, but if certain conditions prevail, it can cause catastrophic explosions.  Dust explosions are a common hazard in an environment where powdered combustible material is present in an enclosed space.  Coal, wood, cork, grain, starch, sugar, certain metals, some dyes and intermediates, and many plastics, can form explosive dust clouds. We…

13 May 2014, by Test1 Test1