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Using NDIS funding to create a big life

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) entitles 20,000 people living with disability in Australia to a portion of more than $1 billion funding. Applications are subject to a complex and strict review process, but can entitle people with significant, permanent disability to generous (often five figure) sums. This funding helps them get the appropriate inventions…

18 Apr 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


Why Australia needs to embrace value capture

The weight and magnitude of modern day infrastructure projects is causing traditional funding models to buckle. With urban renewal and transport projects like WestConnex and the Metros now scaling tens of billions of dollars, it is clear that Australia needs to explore alternative, more equitable, methods of capital sourcing. Value Capture has long been used…

16 Jan 2017, by Amy Sarcevic


Mining & Resources

New round of funding announced for ARC Linkage Projects initiative

Both the mining industry and the healthcare sector are set to benefit from more than 200 collaborative new research projects funded by the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Linkage Projects initiative. The ARC Linkage Projects scheme is a government initiative designed to provide valuable funding to support innovative R&D projects across the country. Some of the ideas being funded…

1 Jul 2014, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

State budgets show promising investment in rail infrastructure

The recommendations from individual state budgets are always anticipated with keen interest, with key industries across Australia often impacted. In promising indications for the country's railway sector, several of the budgets released this month demonstrate a healthy commitment to boosting all-important rail infrastructure. Here we take a look at the states that declared the biggest…

13 May 2014, by Informa Insights


Funding boost for regional healthcare in Western Australia

Residents of Australia's largest state will be able to benefit from an expanded range of healthcare services, after the Western Australian government committed to a massive funding boost worth over $55 million. The Health and Hospitals Fund comprises four new agreements with the state government and is targeted at extending its healthcare reach to Western…

3 Apr 2014, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

An international perspective on light rail

The inaugural Light Rail 2014 conference brought up many universal issues. With a plethora of light rail projects currently being undertaken by nearly every state government in Australia, it is reassuring to know that countries such as Canada, the UK and Norway have faced the same issues that we are currently discussing. The main projects…

12 Mar 2014, by Informa Insights

Mining & Resources

Rinehart pulls trigger on Roy Hill project

Gina Rinehart has reportedly ramped up major construction on the Roy Hill iron-ore mining project, resulting in a massive influx of workers at the site. There are now estimated to be 1,700 people at the Pilbara project, despite Rinehart not having final approval on deals over the debt package used to fund development, The West…

16 Jan 2014, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

Regional Airports face unique challenges

Developing and implementing a strategic direction for regional airports often poses major challenges for local government operators. We had the chance to speak with Ben Hargreaves* about key aspects that need to be considered when it comes to regional airport development and how playing at the strength of regional communities can help formulating a vision…

8 Jul 2011, by Informa Insights