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Forensic nursing: Finding work-life balance

USA and Canada are the only two countries that have officially recognized forensic nursing as a specialty. Sheila Early, President at the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN)* took the time to speak to us about the evolving role of the forensic nurse, challenges in gaining proper international recognition for the specialised profession and managing the…

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How I became a forensic nurse

By Sheila Early, President, International Association of Forensic Nurses One of the most wonderful things about life is that it happens while you make other plans.  I started my professional nursing career in obstetrics. It was my first love and I was fortunate enough to obtain a teaching position in the field in 1969. Then a…

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Close-Up: Dr Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna is a Kiwi, Registered Nurse and the inaugural Professor of Mental Health Nursing at the Australian Catholic University and NorthWestern Mental Health, Melbourne Health.Brian has an undergraduate degree in social anthropology and it was an interest in culture which led to him working in a hospital as a nursing orderly in Derby, Western…

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Close-Up: Virginia A. Lynch

By Daria Waszak, MSN, RN, CEN, COHN-S via nursing.advanceweb.com When Virginia A. Lynch, MSN, RN, FAAFS, FAAN, walked into her first crime laboratory, the Star Wars-like equipment, pulsing lights, smells of paint and formaldehyde, and evidence, such as weapons, blood and teeth didn't scare her away; it left her intrigued and inspired. "It was a moment…

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