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InterSystems announces HealthShare Personal Community, a patient engagement platform

InterSystems, a Silver Exhibitor at the recent eMedication Management Conference, recently announced HealthShare Personal Community, a patient engagement solution that provides patients with an easy-to-understand and comprehensive view of their health information. * * * SYDNEY, Aust., April 14, 2015 – InterSystems, the global leader in software for connected care, today announced HealthShare Personal Community, a…

15 Apr 2015, by Test1 Test1


eMM: Challenging us to rethink the way we do things

Advancements in electronic medication management (eMM) systems offer powerful tools for ensuring the safety and quality of decision making. If the information and data to support clinical decisions has never been more available, why are there still challenges to implementing these tools? The complexity of the subject Australian hospitals where eMM systems have been implemented…

11 Mar 2015, by Test1 Test1


Electronic medication management systems and its challenges

We had the opportunity to pick the brains of Megan Zigomanis, Lead Pharmacist, ehCare@eastern, Eastern Health, in the lead up to the upcoming 2nd Annual Electronic Medication Management Conference in Melbourne. What have been the biggest challenges and successes in implementing electronic medication management systems at Eastern Health? a. The biggest success will be standardisation…

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Managing electronic medicine in Australia

The only Electronic Medication Management Summit in Australia will not only discuss the benefits of electronic prescribing and electronic medication management systems in reducing medication errors but also the challenges of implementation in the hospital and aged care setting. Creating the business case for EMM systems, setting specifications for electronic prescribing and best practice models…

11 Apr 2012, by Test1 Test1