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Lifting Australia’s innovation performance

For the last two and a half decades Australia has enjoyed sustained economic growth, booming employment and favourable living standards. But in more recent years, the country’s high labour costs have forced many companies to source products and services overseas, leading to a slump in Australian productivity. With increasingly tough competition from developing nations this…

21 Aug 2017, by Amy Sarcevic

Maritime and Transport


The freight train of progress

It is well known that rail plays a key role in facilitating trade and industry growth, and is an efficient mover of people and freight. The 2015 NZ Rail forum is an important event for the industry, featuring high-level speakers from across Australasia. We were lucky enough to sit down with two of those speakers…

21 Apr 2015, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

Meeting the rising energy demand in South East Asia

As the lone provider of power using sub-bituminous low sulfur coal for Mindanao, STEAG State Power Inc.'s (SPI) power plant accounts for about 18% of the island's electricity demand.  As energy demand in South East Asia is expected to increase by as much as 80% in the future, the Mindanao electricity mix will see the rise…

25 Jun 2014, by Informa Australia