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Falls prevention: Don’t use the ‘f-word’

Source: HOSPITAL & AGEDCARE  22 Jul 2015 By Yasmin Noone, Editor, H&A How often do you mention the 'f-word' when speaking to seniors – aged care residents, physiotherapy clients and hospital patients – who have just had a fall? How often, after a person's discharge from hospital or during rehabilitation, do you stress they must avoid and…

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Nurse led discharge: Leading the way to improve patient flow and care transfer

Since 2004 in the UK, nurse led discharge has featured and been slowly developed as part of NHS Policy initiatives to improve discharge planning. It has been a reactionary process to policy pressure rather than a clinically led development. Hence the imperative to improve discharge planning has been very broad and to this end the…

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Transfer of care: Building partnerships instead of puzzle-pieces

What is 'transfer of care'? According to the Compliance Transfer of Care Definition, it is defined as the “process whereby a physician who is providing management for some or all of a patient’s problems relinquishes this responsibility to another physician who explicitly agrees to accept this responsibility and who, from the initial encounter, is not…

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Program launch: Effectively manage hospital emergency departments

More than 6.7 million emergency department cases were reported by public hospital emergency departments in 2012-2013, corresponding to over 18,000 cases per day* or 1 in 4 Australians. Current trends only expect this number to increase, posing the serious question: How are we going to effectively manage our emergency departments in order to meet demand?…

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Close-Up: Professor Clifford Hughes AO

Professor Clifford Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer of the Clinical Excellence Commission, a statutory health corporation established in 2004 to build capacity and design programmes to promote and support improvement in quality and safety for health services across NSW. This appointment follows a 25 year career as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Sydney.  Passionate about…

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Helping doctors and nurses come forward with their near misses

An opinion piece by Danielle Ofri, an associate professor at New York University School of Medicine caused quite a bit of debate on the New York Times website recently. In the article, the author talks about her personal experience in the emergency department. A particularly hectic day caused her to fail to identify an intracranial…

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Discharge planning: Better outcomes for patients and health services

On average, patients are spending less time in hospitals than ever before. With an ageing population and increasing pressures on the healthcare system this trend is expected to continue. We had the chance to speak to Glenda Kerridge, representing the Australian Association of Social Workers about effective elements in hospital discharge planning from a social…

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