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Dark economy, money laundering, the next universal currency – Cryptocon Sydney a great success

The inaugural Cryptocurrency Summit and Barcamp was a great success, thanks to all our knowledgeable and charismatic speakers and delegates. The two-day event took place at the Park Royal Hotel in Sydney on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th July, bringing together over 60 cryptocurrency experts, technology gurus and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Conversations were not confined by…

29 Jul 2014, by Test1 Test1


Infographic: How a Bitcoin transaction works

Bitcoin has been dubbed Currency of the Future. When it comes to Bitcoin transaction, fast and secure are the key words spring to mind, all thanks to its fundamental encryption technology. This infographic shows you how a Bitcoin transaction works. Perhaps it's time to make an investment if you haven't already? You can find out more about Bitcoin and crytocurrency at…

12 Jun 2014, by Test1 Test1

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The #1 problem Bitcoin will solve by 2015

In the lead up to the Cryptocon Summit and Barcamp, we have asked a few speakers what they thought was the Number One problem Bitcoin will solve by 2015: Roger Ver – Blockchain, ‘Bitcoin Jesus’: “By the end of 2015 I hope that Bitcoin will enable people to be able to transact with other individuals across the planet,…

10 Jun 2014, by Test1 Test1


Australia’s white hot smartphone revolution

Australia is leading the way with people using smartphones for mobile banking, but is limited by its poor network and speed at which it gets new technology compared to other countries.The Digital Money Summit happening on the 28-29 Nov 2011 in Sydney will explore the existing pros and cons for Australia developing its contactless payment methods.…

14 Sep 2011, by Test1 Test1


Introducing the Inaugural Digital Money Summit

The Digital Money Summit will explore the existing pros and cons for Australia developing its contactless payment methods, as successfully deployed in examples around the globe. Sessions will be heard from the major players involved in adopting this new technology – hear banks discuss their strategies to utlise market share, hear telecoms talk about the…

10 Aug 2011, by Test1 Test1