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Press Release: Unleashing the power of multi-channel marketing!

The marketing landscape has evolved at a rapid pace.  From the era of push marketing typified by mass messaging, broadcast across media platforms like TV, radio and print, we've entered a whole new world. A world where: One on one engagement with the customer is expected. Interaction between producer and consumer happens on multiple platforms.…

4 Jun 2013, by Informa Australia


The impact of social media on sports business

Social media has taken sports business to a new level of sports marketing and advertising, brand sponsorships and respective individual representations on various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Sean Callanan of Sports Geek explains the impact this phenomenon has on sports teams, the teams' players, media and PR companies, and sports fans. Is…

4 Dec 2012, by Informa Australia


Were you at the 7th annual AIMIA Digital Summit 2011?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJpydFcvDz8] The 7th annual AIMIA Digital Media Summit gathered the leading experts in digital industry and forward-thinking executives wishing to stay up to date with the latest trends in the digital world, and heard the most insightful case studies across Australia. We were fortunate to get a few minutes of exclusive time with TigerSpike's Alex…

14 Nov 2011, by Informa Australia