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The global push to improve rail safety | Interview with Carolyn Griffiths, RAIB

Investigating a derailment is a complex, multi-faceted task. No one knows that better than Carolyn Griffiths, who is Chief Inspector with the Rail Accident and Investigation Branch (RAIB) in the United Kingdom. Carolyn is a Fellow and elected trustee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers and a trustee…

26 Mar 2015, by Test1 Test1

Transport & Logistics

Q&A Session: Expanding the knowledge base of derailment investigations in Australia

Mal Kains, Incident Investigation Manager, Brookfield Rail joins us for an analysis of the evolution of derailment investigations in Australia. He provides an insight into the “busy, interesting and challenging” job of derailment investigations and discusses the main purpose and objectives of rail safety investigations while looking towards the future training and development of rail…

12 Jun 2012, by Test1 Test1

Transport & Logistics

Q&A Session: Derailments in Australia

Laurie Wilson, General Manager, Infrastructure & Engineering, RISSB joins us for an in-depth look at the nature and  significance of derailments in Australia. He discusses the progress made over the last decade and the opportunities that exist to learn from investigations in order to improve the system and ensure rail remains one of the safest…

16 Jan 2012, by Test1 Test1