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Twitter Debate: Safer Cycling in Australian Cities

Brisbane transport planner Rachel Smith (@CyclingRSmith) is an enthusiastic blogger and advocate for cycling in our cities.  Yesterday, the shortlisted 2012 TED Global Fellow initiated an interesting Twitter discussion (#cyclecitychat) about cycling, streets, and safety on our roads. The one hour real time debate addressed six issues and featured some interesting contributions from the Twitter community.…

25 Jan 2013, by Test1 Test1

Transport & Logistics

Can urban planning bring about cultural changes?

I recently came across an opinion piece in the New York Times that raises some interesting points about the differences in urban planning strategies and policy implementation processes between European and US cities (also applicable to cities in Australia). The article has sparked a great discussion amongst urban planners on LinkedIn. In recent years, the…

1 Sep 2011, by Test1 Test1