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Progress and pitfalls in recent intelligence reforms

In July 2017, then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced he was to create a new construct to promote national security - the Department of Home Affairs. Renowned intelligence and security expert, Professor John Blaxland, publicly criticised the new governance arrangement on the grounds of contestability and disputed its rationale - which, he argued, was largely…

25 Oct 2018, by Amy Sarcevic

Defence & Security


How the Australian Army is moving ahead in the Cyber domain

Air, sea, land ......space...... and now cyber. And it turns out that this fifth domain represents one of the most challenging adversaries for military. “The Cyber domain is unique in that it is active every minute of every day and requires personnel to be on guard, even when off duty”, says Major General Ferus McLachlan, Head…

16 Jun 2016, by Test1 Test1

Defence & Security

Cyber Defence – More than just the Technical Protection of Systems

Cyber criminals, hackers, hacktivists and foreign intelligence services are deploying increasingly sophisticated methods of accessing the online services of organisations. And with the Military’s growing reliance on online systems, equivalent sophistication in cyber defence is required. But what makes for an adequate cyber defence strategy, in the current climate? We spoke with NATO who recently…

17 May 2016, by Test1 Test1

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Cyber-Attacks – A threat to critical aviation infrastructure?

Last week Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a new national cyber security centre that will be established towards the end of the year. The facility will bring together the expertise of Defence, ASIO, the Attorney-General's Department, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission in a single location. In the past, critical infrastructure has already…

30 Jan 2013, by Test1 Test1

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Cybercrime and the Russian mob

http://www.zdnet.com.au/blogs/podcast/embed/22583389/ Yes, Eastern Europe is indeed a hotspot for cybercrime. On this week's Patch Monday podcast, former police officer Stephen McCombie explains why. McCombie is now a lecturer at the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism at Macquarie University. Russia is the perfect breeding ground for online crime, he says, because it has as…

8 Mar 2012, by Test1 Test1

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Cyber Crime Here to Stay – AVG (AU/NZ) at Inaugural Cyber Crime Symposium in Sydney today

Speaking at the Inaugural Cyber Crime Symposium today, Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor at AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, told delegates that cyber crime is here to stay and that protection will only come from a strong, unified community response. The Symposium is being staged in recognition of the impact of cyber crime which, according to the…

6 Mar 2012, by Test1 Test1