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Close-up: Theo Taifalos, V/Line

Theo Taifalos is Chief Executive of V/Line Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest regional public transport operator. Mr Taifalos has extensive experience in the Australian energy and railway sectors, where he has demonstrated an unswerving commitment to customer service and safe operations. At V/Line, he leads a dedicated team of nearly 1500 employees delivering services to approximately…

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Transport & Logistics

Close-Up: Paul Hamersley

With over 17 years public and private sector experience in the Western Australian transport and logistics industry, Paul Hamersley is uniquely qualified to discuss the growth for rail freight in Western Australia. As Brookfield Rail’s General Manager Commercial, Paul has Executive responsibility for Commercial Contracts, Customer Service, Business Development, Property, Network Lease & Regulatory Management…

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Transport & Logistics

Driving innovation in rail operation & training

The Adelaide based rail operator Genesee & Wyoming Australia plays a vital role in the national minerals sector, operating nearly 5,000 km of railroad in South Australia and the Northern Territory. In his 8 years as managing director at G&W Australia, Robert Easthope has led the company’s growth in its largest operating region and has…

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Transport & Logistics

Rail industry stepping up its customer relations focus

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Australasian Railway Association’s Customer Relations in Rail 2013 Conference. It was fantastic to see rail representatives across Australia and internationally come together to share stories of their successes and problems encountered as they strive to achieve customer relations excellence. The event was kicked off with…

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Transport & Logistics

Social media in transport: The key to better customer service?

Public transport organisations around the globe are increasingly adopting social media strategies as they begin to realize its potential for providing updated travel information and outstanding customer service. The immediacy of social media can foster a more direct interaction with passengers and change public perception for the better.  Yet, implementing an effective social media strategy…

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Transport & Logistics

How the London Underground became a world-leader in metro customer service: Insights from the frontline

The Australasian Railway Association is pleased to welcome international guest Xavier Brice to the speaker faculty of Customer Relations in Rail 2013. Xavier is the Head of Customer Service Strategy for the London Underground and was an instrumental part of the delivery of customer service strategies for the tube during the 2012 London Olympics. We…

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Transport & Logistics

Social Media in Transport: Can we improve connectivity by making our journeys more social?

According to socialbakers.com, a social media analytics platform, more than eleven million Australians currently own a Facebook account. Every month, Australians are viewing the Twitter page 67 million times. The Metro Trains Melbourne YouTube video “Dumb ways to die” was viewed 2.7 million times in the first 48 hours alone. At the same time, the…

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