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Ageing Gracefully is Obsolete – Dr Ronald Feiner on how beautiful natural outcomes are easier than a visit to the dentist

In the lead up to the inaugural National Cosmetic Medicine Summit, I was honoured to be able to meet and interview Dr Ronald Feiner, who is an expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and is presenting and Chairing at the Summit. Here he speaks openly about his work, motivations and interests in the field, and…

11 Jan 2017, by Thomas Beauchamp


Living with your looks: Recognising Body Dysmorphic Disorder in cosmetic practice

The author of "Living With Your Looks", Roberta Honigman  will be speaking at the upcoming National Cosmetic Medicine Summit 2017. This two day event aims to provide a unique forum within the Australian cosmetic industry specifically tailored for cosmetic doctors, cosmetic nurses, clinic owners, dermal therapists, cosmeceutical experts and others from the cosmetic industry to discuss, collaborate and…

3 Oct 2016, by Informa Insights