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Contract Law & Contract Management

Contract Law Diaries: What’s in a name?

By Terry Reid* I was working with a client company recently and the contract team leader had issued a very clear directive to all staff that under no circumstances should a letter of intent (LOI) be issued to any contractors. I was informed that the concern was such letters could create contractual obligations for the…

4 May 2015, by Informa Australia

Contract Law & Contract Management

The Contract Law Diaries: How much is enough?

By Terry Reid* Recently I was asked to review a ‘short-form’ contract for a client. The client was interested in purchasing a fairly standard software application for approximately $18 000. The contract arrived on my desk and to my dismay it was 68 pages long. I was reminded of the oft-quoted theologian and mathematician, Blaise Pascal…

4 Feb 2015, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

Australian mining projects lose value

Project management skills in the mining engineering sector may become more important as resources businesses look to glean extra value from initiatives. The total value of resources projects across Australia dropped in the three months to June 2013, a new report has revealed. Deloitte's quarterly Investment Monitor showed the sector experienced a fall for the…

9 Aug 2013, by Informa Australia