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Low coal prices placing pressure on regional ports

Craig Doyle is Chief Executive Officer of Gladstone Ports and will be speaking at the 9th annual Regional Ports conference in Cairns, 29-30 October. Craig has transitioned to the ports and shipping industry in 2013 from the Australian sugar industry, with most of his career spent in refining, milling, marketing and ethanol production. He has…

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Food & Agriculture

What if the Silicon Valley of food manufacturing was in Australia?

The recipe for sustainable growth? Talent, Opportunity and Innovation. When the three line up, something special happens. Unfortunately, they are all in short supply in Australia at the moment, hence building the conditions for them to collide and create new possibilities is essential to underpin healthy growth prospects. Nicolas Georges, Director of Research and Development -…

1 Oct 2014, by Test1 Test1

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Fortescue triples half-year profits

Fortescue Metals has announced record half-year profit results, claiming cost-cutting measures and expansion plans have helped boost performance. The group saw its earnings after expenses more than triple, climbing from US$478 million (AUD$532 million) in the six months to December 2012 to US$1.7 billion at the end of 2013. Year on year, the company also…

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Close-Up: Phillip Killicoat

What happened to capital markets? This is one of the questions, Phillip Killicoat Vice President - Commodities at  Credit Suisse will cover in his presentation at the 8th annual EU Iron Ore conference. His talk we focus on finance in the global iron ore market  and shed light on the role of commodity hedging to mitigate market risk…

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