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Raising Australian building standards – what needs to change?

Jurisdictions need a common language, more rigorous regulation and better oversight if they are to truly raise building standards in Australia, according to a Federal Government report by Bronwyn Weir and Peter Shergold. At present the lack of cohesion in how construction is regulated throughout the country makes for a frustrating system, in which practitioners…

10 May 2018, by Amy Sarcevic


Repairing dangerous buildings – who should pay?

Property values could decline by as much as 90% if owners continue to be held liable for dangerous cladding, according to a report by the Strata Community Association (SCA). As it stands, owners are having to face levies of $30,000 - $60,000 to rectify these building deficits – and there are fears that aggressive investigation…

30 Apr 2018, by Amy Sarcevic