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Designing solutions to the Pilbara’s logistics constraints

The Port of Dampier is the world's second largest bulk export port and one of Australia’s most remote ports. As trade grows, so does the importance of efficient and competitive supply chains and to deal with this demand, Dampier Port is developing a “world first” port expansion using a floating deck transhipment system (FDTS) and…

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Transport & Logistics

ARA reveals “dramatic rise” in rail use

There has been a "dramatic rise" in the use of rail across all market segments, according to the Australasian Rail Association (ARA). An ARA-commissioned report, which featured contributions from 22 rail organisations, showed freight, light rail and passenger activity all increased in 2012 when compared with the previous year. The news is likely to be…

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Transport & Logistics

$17 million QLD railway engineering project announced

Railway engineering in Queensland is set to receive a $17 million boost from the state government to increase freight capacity. The Newman government revealed the money will go towards enlarging the train tunnels through both the Toowoomba Range and Lockyer Valley. Scott Emerson, transport and roads minister, said the aim is to lower the floors…

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