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Caring for the carers

A common saying is that when a person acquires a brain injury (ABI) they are not the only victims. The whole family suffers from an ABI. When working with people with ABI more often than not you will also be working with their families, and other support people, both formal and informal. It is important…

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Addressing the needs to better support and care for Australia’s younger people with very high and complex care needs

Ensuring that younger people with very high and complex care needs have greater choice and control in terms of their support and accommodation options is an ongoing commitment for government, disability and health providers, care and accommodation providers, key national bodies, families and carers. Gaining funding and being able to implement the most appropriate care…

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Social Policy

Creating a sustainable carer pool for Australia’s out-of-home care children

The future of Australia’s out-of-home care children is looking more promising following the Victorian government’s initiative on pumping $128 million into the out-of-home care services.  To create a sustainable carer pool remains a challenge for those working towards a better living environment for these children. Katie Hooper, CEO of Foster Care Association of Victoria shares…

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NDIS: Feedback from the first participants

In recent weeks we often reported about some of the challenges the healthcare sector is expecting for the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Natasha Mitchell, Presenter at ABC Radio National’s program Life Matters recently spoke to two mothers and first participants in the NDIS. Their experience has been overwhelmingly positive and we…

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