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Rare cancers: Measuring success in small doses

Rare cancers "is a term which encompasses both rare and less common cancers. A rare cancer is defined as a type of cancer that has less than 6 incidences per year per 100,000 population. A less common cancer is defined as one that has between 6 and 12 incidences per year per 100,000 population" (Cancer…

10 Feb 2015, by Test1 Test1


Head and neck cancer on the decline in Australia

In positive news for healthcare practitioners in Australia, a new report indicates that rates of head and neck cancer are dropping in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's (AIHW) 'Head and neck cancers in Australia' report, the rate of these cancers decreased from 19.3 to 16.8 cases diagnosed per 100,000 people in…

14 Jun 2014, by Test1 Test1


Queensland leading the world in chemotherapy research

Queensland has boosted its already strong reputation as a global healthcare leader after some of the state's top researchers made ground-breaking developments in chemotherapy treatment. Princess Alexandra Hospital recently supported a vital piece of research, led by Associate Professor Ingrid Winkler from Mater Research, which focused on making chemotherapy treatments safer for all cancer patients. According to…

6 May 2014, by Test1 Test1