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Ethical innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship – how Tia Kansara is paving the way for a new economy

  The word ‘innovation’ means different things to different people. To many it is synonymous with artificial intelligence, quantum computing, or the automation of roles previously carried out by humans. But for ecosystem designer and founder of Replenish.Earth Ltd, Dr Tia Kansara, the word innovation is more about ethical rather than digital advancement. Dr Kansara…

20 Jul 2017, by Amy Sarcevic

Leadership & Communication

Innovation in Retail – How Stylerunner are Disrupting the Industry

Hefty competition from overseas players and a turbulent economic climate, mean that Australian retailers are having to fight harder than ever before to achieve targeted rates of sales growth. With this in mind, Australian sportswear curator Stylerunner have certainly been packing a few punches recently, with a number of inspiring and innovative PR ventures. Stylerunner,…

13 Sep 2016, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

How to disrupt your own brand or business

Dr Ken Hudson shares eight pieces of advice on being disruptive – to yourself. Brad Jakeman, the president of global beverages group PepsiCo says: ‘I try and drive this notion in the organisation that unless we’re constantly thinking about how we disrupt ourselves someone will come along and disrupt us.’ But how do you disrupt…

23 Dec 2015, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

Gender Agenda: It’s the Serotonin, Stupid

By Jenny Strachan* I was watching the smash hit 'Jersey Boys' the other day when it struck me that it provided a perfect example of how men and women think differently. The Boys’ big hit was “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. The title seems to make simple sense but in fact it’s complete nonsense - because…

10 Dec 2014, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

Managing stakeholder relationships and expectations

A vital part of running a successful project is to develop and maintain good relationships with those who will be affected by its outcomes. However, identifying stakeholders and managing their expectations takes effective leadership skills, excellent communication and an understanding of what drives the individuals involved with the project. Good stakeholder management not only ensures…

23 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

The benefits of engaging and retaining older staff

Engaging and retaining older employees can have significant benefits for an organisation, including what the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) calls the 'diversity dividend'. As the country's workforce continues to age, businesses must prepare for the changes this will require, but many still have stereotypical views of older staff members. According to AIM, older workers…

19 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

Mining training ‘important for industry employees’

The importance of mining training has been highlighted in new Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures. According to the ABS, around eight million people have undertaken some form of training or study in the last 12 months, but prevalence is higher in certain industries. The data showed more than half of miners had undertaken training…

16 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

Handling criticism ‘requires leadership skills’

Managers must show excellent leadership skills when addressing employee criticisms, according to recruitment specialist Hays. The organisation said businesses are failing to adequately listen to staff feedback, which could be hampering talent retention and profit margins. This is particularly true of annual employee survey results, Hays argued, with organisations routinely ignoring comments put forward by…

13 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

Deloitte: More women needed in ICT leadership positions

Women need more opportunities for leadership development in the ICT sector, new research by Deloitte has claimed. The 'Women in ICT - Perspectives and Perception' report found less than 20 per cent of Australians working in the industry are female, with the disparity worsening at senior levels. According to Deloitte, the number of women in…

12 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Mining & Resources

Australian miners ‘must innovate and cut costs’

Australia's mining industry must seek innovative process and cost reductions to overcome industry challenges next year. This is according to Deloitte research, which highlighted several problems resources businesses may face in 2014, such as decreased productivity, supply/demand imbalances and low commodity prices. The study may also encourage companies to invest in mining training, with a…

10 Dec 2013, by Informa Australia

Transport & Logistics

Heavy haul rail infrastructure key for mineral development in Africa

With 30 per cent of the world’s mineral resources, Africa’s ability to feed the global economy’s demand for raw materials is vast. Multi-billion dollar mining developments are in the pipeline for Southern and West African countries, however, to capitalise on this incredible opportunity it is vital that commodities are moved from pit-to-port as quickly and…

21 Nov 2013, by Informa Australia

Leadership & Communication

Leadership courses ‘important for ambitious women’

The importance of leadership courses cannot be understated for women looking to advance their careers. That's the upshot of a recent panel discussion at the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium, which invited several female leaders to discuss their experiences and insights into workplace progression. Titled How To Grow Your Career: A Female Leadership Perspective, the…

20 Nov 2013, by Informa Australia