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Your guide to Brisbane

Brisbane is among Australia's leading conference venues, with the Queensland capital offering a vibrant atmosphere, world-class infrastructure and a supportive environment for event organisers. In fact, the city will be hosting the G20 Leaders Summit in November 2014, which is set to attract 7,000 delegates and media representatives from across the globe. Aside from Brisbane's excellent…

18 Sep 2014, by Informa Australia

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Implementing smoke-free prison programs: Ensuring collaboration and safety

50% of smokers are dying from a tobacco-related illness.  With 80% of the prison population being smokers, smoking bans have started to be implemented across prisons in New Zealand, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Controversy lies as to whether a ban on smoking is really the best way of reducing smoking within prisons, with concerns being…

22 Jul 2014, by Informa Australia