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‘Intermodal Chain of Responsibility compliance practices need to be aligned’

In partnership with the Australasian Railway Association and Lloyd's List Australia, Informa are delighted to be running our 15th AusIntermodal Conference in Sydney in November.The agenda will cover a range of issues affecting containerised freight in Australia including; planning, funding and efficiency. One of the most important topics set to be examined during the two…

1 Oct 2015, by Test1 Test1

Transport & Logistics

Close-Up: Andrew Rentoul

Andrew is one of Australia's leading infrastructure and corporate lawyers. He specialises in mergers & acquisitions, privatisation, infrastructure development and corporate law. Andrew's many milestone transactions include privatisations and acquisitions of ports, airports, power stations and gas distribution networks and the development of economic infrastructure and utilities. Andrew co-led the legal work for New South…

21 Nov 2013, by Test1 Test1

Transport & Logistics

Is asset privatisation the key to achieve funding for future projects?

As governments look to fill Australia’s infrastructure gaps and pay down debts, privatising commercially viable assets to generate funds for future projects is becoming an increasingly appealing option. The recent and most significant recent example is the 99 year, $5.07billion lease of Port Botany and Port Kembla by the NSW Government to the NSW Ports…

22 Oct 2013, by Test1 Test1