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Transport & Logistics

Designing solutions to the Pilbara’s logistics constraints

The Port of Dampier is the world's second largest bulk export port and one of Australia’s most remote ports. As trade grows, so does the importance of efficient and competitive supply chains and to deal with this demand, Dampier Port is developing a “world first” port expansion using a floating deck transhipment system (FDTS) and…

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Poll: Will the proposal to increase the FDI limit in India’s media sector further collaboration between Australia and Asia?

The Indian Government are formulating a proposal which could transform the media industry. A proposal to lift foreign direct investment (FDI) in the sector to 100% on a case by case basis could help the struggling industry and provoke a great deal of change to the media landscape both in Asia and Australia. In your…

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Mining & Resources

Iron ore market: Too much emphasis on short-term considerations in long-term forecasts

The current price for iron ore of $156.27 a tonne is the best since October 2011. We had the chance to speak to Magnus Ericsson, Chairman at Raw Materials Group about long-term iron ore market trends and foreign investments in mining projects. IMM Events: At the 2012 Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast conference you…

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Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Lesley Campbell

Lesley Campbell worked for a number of ring-dealing members between 1980 and 2000. She advised multinational companies on risk management, including a major car manufacturer and one of the world’s largest copper mines. Since she set up her own consultancy, Lesley has advised the World Bank and the United Nations on commodity-related projects, as well…

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Mining & Resources

Kalimantan Coal: The Second Phase

Indonesia has progressed in the past 12 years from exporting a paltry 20m tonnes of coal in 2000, to become the world largest exporter of Coal. Australia was until 2012 1st and China 2nd. Indonesian coal has become more attractive to international buyers as the price is much lower than Australian coal, and the costs…

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Defence & Security

Transport & Logistics

Airport security technology needs users ‘at the centre’

[youtube=http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=f3xF45Yn2K8] DR STEVEN SHORROCK of UNSW Aviation While technology plays a key role in airport security, it needs to be designed with users at the centre, says Dr Steven Shorrock. Dr Shorrock, psychologist, ergonomist and senior lecturer with the University of New South Wales’ Department of Aviation, says in an interview that recent international events…

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