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Geometallurgy and mineral sands: Turning deposits into shareholder value

The global mineral sands market is expected to remain challenging in the near term. We had the chance to speak to Greg Jones, Principal at GNJ Consulting about the role of geometallurgy when it comes to making new investment decisions, his thoughts on some of the most promising mineral sands projects and the three biggest…

21 Jan 2014, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Russia coal: Responding to a changing market

How should the coal industry respond to a changing market? This was the central question speakers and delegates addressed at the Russian & CIS Coal Summit in May. Over 100 key coal industry stakeholders and government representatives attended the gathering in Moscow to analyse global supply & demand trends, the interplay of consumption, exports and…

25 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Assessing global nickel demand

“China is absolutely dominating demand, being virtually the ONLY growing market for nickel and stainless steel over the past decade”, Macquarie Securities’ Chairman Commodities Research, Jim Lennon said in a recent interview with IMM Events. Earlier this year, industry professionals came together at the China Nickel Conference in Shanghai to discuss the latest market trends…

24 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Focus on Russia & CIS Coal

The recent Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Coal Summit brought together key decision makers and industry representatives offering an understanding of the Russian coal industry’s key strengths and weaknesses. We have made some of the most insightful presentations available for download. Phil Ren, Vice President of Tader Coal SCM Co. Ltd. & Chairman…

22 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Understanding big picture issues influencing the iron ore market

In the past year, the iron ore industry has seen a very high level of uncertainty and volatility with prices fluctuating from a low US$99 a tonne in September 2012 to US$155 in February. We spoke to Colin Hamilton, Head of Global Commodities Research at Macquarie about the current outlook for iron ore and main factors…

19 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1

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Close-Up: Andrew Mitchell

In an interview with Bloomberg in late 2012, Andrew Mitchell of Wood Mackenzie predicted that in 2013 we may “see what one would call a balanced [Nickel] market. I would call it a balanced market, in essence, and it’s really to do with production in general." For those who are looking for a deeper analysis of the current…

14 Jun 2013, by Test1 Test1

Mining & Resources

Infrastructure crucial to unlock Africa’s iron ore potential

In 2012 South Africa overtook India and became China’s third-biggest iron ore supplier. We had the chance to speak to Andrew Hodge, Analyst – Iron Ore Cost Research at Wood Mackenzie about what’s in store for the iron ore market in Africa.  IMM Events: A recent article in the Economist has described Africa as the…

27 May 2013, by Test1 Test1