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The Project Factory shows Sherlock the key…

... to unlocking the mysteries of brand, platform and commercialisation. The Project Factory (TPF), the Australian-headquartered digital production company behind global projects with Downton Abbey, Offspring and new film Predestination, has unveiled the second phase of a commercial strategy to support the brand reach of the global hit TV series, Sherlock, in tandem with the show’s…

12 Aug 2014, by Informa Australia

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Minute by minute shipping: will online retail be taken over by the same-day delivery promise?

Amazon tried it. Google is starting to do it. And most of us have dabbled in the offerings of the Iconic. But is the promise of same-day shipping a major decision factor for consumers? And is it cost-effective enough to justify the speed? We've taken a look at the latest same-day delivery promises and broken down the…

4 Oct 2013, by Informa Australia